Nie, nie napisaliśmy ich sobie sami. Agencja też nie. Nie mamy agencji. Mamy za to tysiące zadowolonych gości.
The beautiful location on the banks of babbling brook - perfectly developed surroundings of the hotel with the use of nature and a bit of comfortable luxury. Spacious and nicely decorated rooms with clean bathrooms - in the room saucers, glasses and electric teapot. Roofed balcony where it is safe to read even in the rain with great views of the highland cottage with a beautiful white shepherd. Swimming pool, sauna and pool are perfect entertainment after challenging tours to the interesting places - beautiful surroundings of the Hotel. Staff is extremely nice - you can see it is a pleasure for them to work there and this great music! Good old rock, the Beatles, Sting, etc. Food - good and plenty. Thank you for a nice stay and we highly recommend.

Anna O., pobyt w sierpniu 2014 r, wyjazd z rodziną

Fantastic place, the service is extraordinary, the food delicious and rooms are cozy, the views breathtaking. Swimming pool inside the hotel helped a lot, especially on a rainy afternoons. Activities for children - the kids were delighted. I would highly recommend!

Agnieszka P., pobyt w sierpniu 2014 r., wyjazd z rodziną

The stay was a success. The tree of us were celebrating the 50th birthday of one of us. We arrived after 9 pm and we were pleasantly surprised, because once we checked-in we were invited for a delicious dinner even though the meals are served till 8 pm. From the windows of the suite you can admire Babia Gora, just a pity that there is no balcony, but a jacuzzi and the decor of the room compensates it. Breakfasts and dinners delicious, varied, served professionally. The hotel staff serves everything with a with a smile, answers to all needs, whims and questions. With a sunny weather you can swim in the outdoor pool, laze on a lounger while enjoying beautiful views of the mountains and read a book in peace. We had couple of spa treatments for the whole body, classic body massage and a face treatment performed by Justine - it was like living in a fairy tale! Descriptions of the treatments and rituals on the website are consistent with how we felt - chocolate delight, purifying raspberry combined with a face massage - just perfect! "Regenerated" ... we will defenitely remember this stay! Many thanks, Ola and Magda Gosia

Małgorzata T., wyjazd ze znajomymi w lipcu 2014 r. - Apartament Babiogórski i Weekend SPA

The trip to the mountains was supposed to grant us a few days of a carefree rest. We picked Hotel Jawor for the first time and we fully enjoyed the stay, quality of service and leisure. The hotel has guaranteed a friendly service, nice room, delicious meals and relax after time spent on the mountain trails. We hope that it will continue developing in this direction, and the second visit in the hotel will bring the same advantages. I sincerely recommend this place

Zbigniew M., pobyt: lipcu 2014, wyjazd we dwoje

Stay was a 100% success! Conditions were perfect. With a clear conscience I can recommend the package "Holidays at the foot of Babia Gora", which I picked for my family (2 + 1). The hotel is clean, tidy, cozy. Rooms are very spacious. Food delicious, varied, in the amounts one cannot eat - and believe me some people tried :-). SUPER service. Always with a smile on their faces. The owner is very nice. I can sincerely recommend the place, as I'm definitely going to return next year myself.

Beata P., wyjazd z rodziną w lipcu 2014 r.

Beautiful surroundings, the view from the window to Babia Gora is breathtaking regardless of the weather conditions, alike the view from the hotel's swimming pool. Room equipped with the necessary accessories (TV, kettle, crockery, hair dryer). Very kind and always smiling staff. Food is like at home (delicious and with no limits). Additionally, peace and quiet of the place allow to rest after mountain hike. Thank you very much for the nice stay, we will recommend you to others.

Marek B., pobyt w sierpniu 2014 r., wyjazd z rodziną

We were a little bit afraid before we set off to the areas that are unkown to us. We also worried about inability to use the pools. Upon arrival we were, however, impressed by the picturesque location of Zawoja. The hotel was very nice and clean. We had a warm welcome and great food. What we liked the most is the quiet and peaceful neighborhood - a much more beautiful than the overrated areas of Zakopane. The three biggest advantages of the Hotel: a very nice staff, beautiful and tranquil open spaces and excellent, varied cuisine. We will recommend Jawor to our friends and family, because you can stretch out here, there is a lot to explore, both by car and on foot. The hotel is cozy and with family atmosphere.

Teresa Paradowska

Before the arrival our concerns were related with booking process and unpredictable situations that would prevent us from visiting Zawoja. Impressions after we arrived to the Hotel were positive, we loved the friendly service, delicious food and comfortable rooms. The greatest advantage of staying in Jawor is the ability to independently plan your free time, as well as the unlimited access to the pool and sauna. Plus peace and quiet of that place guarantee a good rest. With the wide range of SPA treatments everyone will choose something for themselves. Jawor is certainly recommendable - a high standard of service guarantees a great relaxation and satisfaction of even the most demanding guests.

Agnieszka i Kazimierz Kowalczyk

The offer was credible, so before arrival we had no worries. Upon arrival we had a very positive impression, despite a small fuss caused by the departire of a larger organized group. The hotel is very nice, the meals tasty and nicely presented and the staff is very kind. The biggest advantages of Jawor is the quiet, calm atmosphere and relaxation one can get. We will recommend the place to our friends, because one can relax, enjoy the swimming pool, sauna and treatments.


My biggest concern was about the weather conditions we can expect visiting this region of Poland - fortunately we were very lucky! When it comes to booking process - I was sure that choosing a three-star hotel with a SPA everything would be smooth. First impression? A little confusion connected with the departure of a big group and a black pudding for the first dinner, which I am not a big fan of, but still it was great and the meals during the rest of my stay were delicious. Very nice staff, a good value accommodation, including the possibility of using the swimming pool and sauna (which is extremely important in cases of a bad weather), proximity to hiking trails and interesting places to visit are the biggest advantages of Jawor. Plus amazing evening with a guitar by a bon fire, for which I thank you, because it reminded me of my youth. I will certainly be recommending this place to my family and friends.

Andrzej Labuda

We were worried about the conditions of stay, but our impressions after the first day of the stay were very good. What we loved the most is the competent staff, nice atmosphere, good food and spa. The advantages of the hotel should also include the convenient location, swimming pool with sauna and a good price. Very good conditions and great service make Jawor the place we will recommend to family and friends.


Before arrival I was afraid that the swimming pool would be closed or that something would be inconsistent with the description the website. The first impression turned out to be a pleasant surprise. What I liked the most is the standard of the hotel and its surroundings. The main advantages are the pool, sauna, climate and food. I will be recommending Jawor to my friends due to its standard, location and the ability to use a variety of attractions, for example trips to main tourist attractions.

Andrzej Czajkowski

I had no concenrs while choosing Jawor for our stay - we were here in 2008, in September 2013 and during Christmas (one of the most memorable). Many thanks for a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere - I feel here like being at good friends. The biggest advantages of the hotel are very positive people, cosiness and quietness, a good layout of rooms. I recommend Jawor to my friends, cause you can really rest here and the home-made food is very tasty.


Before arriving we were afraid because of some on-line reviews about Jawor, but after the first day of your stay, it turned out that they are completely untrue. We had nothing to complain during our stay and we believe the biggest advantages of Jawor is calm, polite and always smiling staff and excellent food (bravo for you cooks!). Plus the swimming pool and beautiful surroundings - definitely we will recommend the Hotel. Excessive praise could adversely affect the owners - bravo, congratulations!

Maria & Zbigniew T.

The most worried we were about the weather, but that is force majeure. First impressions are the great views. We loved the most incredible wildlife, excellent conditions, the cozy atmosphere, friendly service and great home cooking. We have already recommended Jawor to our friends and will recommend it further - we're here for the third time in a row. We hope for Jawor to continue to be such a great place to relax.

Grażyna i Andrzej Kopaczewscy

Long before my arrival I was excited with the prospect of going to the mountains. On the spot the hotel turned out to be very nice and friendly, with clean and well maintained surroundings and the room was nice. I liked the atmosphere, the extra tour I took, the quality of tourist information at the front desk, a bonfire and evening at conference room - a great cake! The biggest advantages of Jawor? Swimming pool, swimming pool! Plus the very high standard and nice rooms. I would also recommend the place for its great food - both for young and slightly older guests.

Anna Ryba